Here at Supersafe Solutions we are a leading provider of fire suppression systems for all kinds of residential properties from small HMOs to large 200 bed student accommodation. We liaise directly with the fire strategist to put the correct solution in place to protect both property and the residents designing and installation to the latest regulations.

Not only is it the safest form of fire protection on the market, giving you piece of mind that you are highly protected there are also huge benefits from a building construction point of view enabling you to have much more freedom in the design element of the build, minimising on mandatory communal escape areas and maximising the key selling area, saving on building costs and giving better returns on your build.

Sprinklers are simple devices that are individually operated by the heat from a fire. When a fire starts hot gases rise to the ceiling. If a sprinkler is present, a glass bulb or solder link gets hot and at a specific temperature (typically 68°C) breaks, releasing a cap and allowing water to flow onto a diffuser.

The diffuser breaks up the water flow into carefully controlled droplets which penetrate the fire plume and cool the burning material to below its ignition point, thus controlling the fire. Only the sprinkler(s) directly over the fire are operated.

The sprinklers are connected to pipework, usually filled with water, which is supplied either from the water mains or from a storage tank via a pump. When a sprinkler operates, the flow of water in the pipework operates a flow switch which in turn operates an alarm system. The flow of water is small, usually less than 1/100th of the water used by the Fire and Rescue Service.

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