Simple installation:

  • The units are suitable for inserted wall boxes or surface boxes.
  • 4 wires between Power UPU and operator panel UCU
  • 4 wires from UCU to fire detectors 500-IDx. Max. 11 detectors in systems with 8 connected with siren (85db).

Operation – Universal Design:

  • Simple operation from detectors with standard visual and sound signalisation (54-2).
  • All operation with convenient access. No need for reaching detectors in the ceiling.
  • Integrated Manual Fire Alarm button «Panic» giving instant Fire Alarm. No delay.
  • Note! The Panic button are only active if the Operator Panel is in Fire alarm condition.
  • Silencing fault alarms after 10 minutes, will be automatically activated.
  • Testing of sounders using designated test button. Test signals last for 3min.


  • Siren/Sounders (max active in 10 min.)
  • Alarm Relay (No/Nc/Com) which can time delaying for 15sec, 3/6/9min.
  • Fault Relay (No/Nc/Com), may be chosen to be activated in case of disabled system.
  • OC output give 0V in alarm.


  • Self -calibrating sensitivity, insects/dust in detectors will be indicated as yellow blinking.
  • Loop- and power faults as well as sounders dis-connected will be indicated as fault.
  • Modern battery and charging technology gives the system 72hr. backup.
  • The charger adjusting itself to the battery condition keeping the battery in prime condition.

Integration to other systems:

  • Simple integration to larger addressable fire systems, KNX systems etc.
  • Supervision of loop and sounders. Power and batt fault can be sent to external systems.

External Fire alarm from other systems may activate the sounders in the system

System functions:

  • Each apartment has its own operator panel UCU which also can transmit the alarm to the other apartments.
  • Alarm in one apartment will start alarms in all other apartments connected to the system.
  • uCU-rs485 which are the com unit in the operator panel can delay the transmitting of the alarms in 2 min.
  • Alarm relay can have time delay of 15sec/3/6/9min.
  • Silence the sounders after 10 min. using the pushbutton. Max sounders time 10 minutes.
  • Detector which is in Fire Alarm will have a fixed RED led. Detector having been in alarm will be blinking red.
  • If local alarm signal disappears and detector is no longer in alarm, the Fire Alarm relay will be reset.
  • An UCU having been in Fire Alarm has memory and must be manually reset using button: «Disable»

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